Recommendation Letter


Recommendation Letter Request Procedures

To request a Recommendation Letter or a Reference from the professor(s), follow the procedure below:


  1. 1After making an appointment, visit the professor personally and cordially request a recommendation.
  2. 2If the professor agrees to write a recommendation, pick up an official envelop from the TESOL Office.
  3. 3Self-address the envelop with the exact name and address of the recipient, affix (sufficient) required postage stamps, and give the envelop to the professor.
  4. 4The professor will write the recommendation and mail it directly in the envelop that has been given to him/her.
  5. 5Recommendation/reference letters for personal keepsake will not be provided, and all mattersconcerning recommendation requests must be addressed directly to the professor(s).
  6. 6If a sealed recommendation letter is required to be mailed together with other application documents in an application packet, then inform the professor when providing the self-addressed envelop from the Office without postage. The professor will leave the recommendation letter in the care of the Office for the applicant to pick up in person at a later date. (The TESOL Office can not and does not mail recommendations to applicants.)
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